Print on plastic corrugated

When the message you want to launch is strong and impactful, it is worth focusing on light supports and the plastic corrugated panels are the solution you are looking for.

Used for signs, indications or strong promotions, the rigid polycarbonate panels are alveolar polypropylene sheets. Their structure, typically wavy on the surface, slightly favours the versatility of the support and a good resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents to the quality of photographic rendering.

Art Serigraphik prints on shaped panels in polyvalent for the realization of promotional totems, signs etc.

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Features and application

The plastic corrugated rigid polypropylene panel is a sheet with a honeycomb structure produced by extrusion, resistant to shocks, thermal changes and atmospheric agents, durable in time, hygienic, water-repellent, ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The panels of this material are suitable for a wide range of workmanship and customization, as for the realization of advertising signs, temporary installations, small, medium and large wall panels for exhibitions, exhibitors, building signs and road signs.

It is also possible to apply the print on both sides (double-sided).


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Plastic corrugated panels are rigid white polypropylene supports and especially recommended for outdoor applications. They have a central core enclosed between two compact sheets and represent the perfect solution for those who want to print signage for construction sites, road signs, safety signs for trade shows, events and sports facilities.

plastic corrugated panels can be printed on one side or on both sides, cut squared, shaped according to a pre-set die or at 45 degrees to make tailor-made structures.

Moreover, holes of different thickness can be made and eyelets attached to be hung.

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