Direct digital UV printing in small and large formats

Our digital printing service includes direct printing on rigid materials, ideal for the promotion of a product or service, or for the preparation of a sales point or exhibition stand. It is possible to print on different types of materials: polyester, polycarbonate, PVC, PLEXIGLASS®, FOREX®, cardboard, aluminium, glass, sandwich panels, canvas, leather, eco-leather and many others. You can make small / large format products, such as plates, panels, advertising posters, up to simple labels or small prints on objects.

The high print resolution offers remarkable performance both on the large format and on the small detail.

The strength of our digital printing service lies in our ability to carry out finishing work.

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The print on PLEXIGLASS® is perfectly suited to the decoration of commercial and private environments, as it gives images, drawings and photographs luminous colours and an evocative effect of depth. Given the flexibility of this material, it is possible to customize additional design objects, or signs, plates, displays, totems.


The polyvalent

The polyvalent, alveolar polypropylene, is a light, durable, hygienic, water-repellent and weather-resistant material, excellent for realizations in both indoor and outdoor environments. The printing on polionda is ideal for creating signs for sporting events, competitions, signage for construction sites and security, or to create outdoor exhibitors and banquets.


Mdf and Wood

The Medium-Density Fibreboard is a special medium-density wood fibre support, with a weight of about 10 kg / sqm. Embellishing an interior space with a panel or panel means choosing the perfect union between high definition printing and MDF support. It is a creative way to furnish your office with original paintings, making your choice unique.



With a matte white satin finish, FOREX® is flexible and light as well as stable in large sizes; due to its resistance to atmospheric agents it is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This type of printing is excellent for creating large-format advertising signs.


Aluminium Dibond

Digital printing applied to dibond, satisfies every need for visual communication. This product is an advertising message. Aluminium printing combines the elegance of dibond, with the precision of direct digital printing systems, in which UV colours express sharp, high-definition images.


PVC and Fabric Banners

The banner or “banner” is one of the most used products in advertising, has a high resistance to bad weather and a great versatility of use as in sports fields, buildings, scaffolding, events and shows, shopping centers and points of sale.


Adhesive Vinyl

A versatile solution that is widely used, which lends itself to many long-lasting digital printing applications. Vinyl films offer exceptional results and can be used for a wide range of applications, from signs to high quality photographic prints.

Print with quality and respect for the environment

The UV printing system is based on the fact that UV rays dry the ink completely and almost instantly, allowing a cleaner and better colour rendering. In fact, such inks and paints contain components called “photo-ionizers” that are responsible for the effectiveness and perfection of UV printing. This type of printing can be done on any type of material by printing directly on the desired media. In fact, it is possible to print on: polycarbonate, PVC, canvas, PLEXIGLASS®, FOREX, glass, cardboard, polypropylene and much more. The special paints used are resistant to atmospheric agents, allowing use in any support intended for exposure to sunlight or weather in a completely safe way. In addition to the obvious merit of a high quality print, this system is completely eco-sustainable, because, through the use of UV printing inks, the use of highly toxic chemicals or solvents is eliminated. Therefore, UV printing is the ideal partner if you want to print with quality and respect for the environment. Do not hesitate to contact us.