Production of printed shapes and samples

Communication must be effective and to do so there is a need for solutions that attract attention.

Thanks to our technologies we are able to realize particular shapes with various materials. These are the added values ​​for advertising to which we pay special attention.

Furthermore, we carry out finishing operations, carvings, for the completion of shaped prints.

We create signs, lettering, life-size templates, cardboard, on MDF, PLEXIGLASS® etc. even in small series with perfect quality and in short times.

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We transfer your ideas into reality

The cutting system allows you to immediately transfer your creative ideas into reality. Thanks to our carving service, we can produce writing, logos, molded or engraved shapes, cardboard, exhibitors and self-supporting structures that are easy to assemble, with joints without glue, with folds and angular cuts. The shapes we create represent an excellent promotional tool and also represent a valid furnishing system for a sales point or a commercial corner. When designing the shape, it is important to bear in mind that it must stand up on its own, so a suitable base must be provided for the height.


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We are equipped with the necessary equipment to make shaping and carving, of a wide variety of materials, finishing the shape with extreme precision: FOREX, dibond / aluminium, PVC, cardboard, MDF, PLEXIGLASS® etc. Thanks to these finishing works we can complete the prints fully. If you are looking for a screen printing that takes care of the realization of full size shapes, please contact us to request a free estimate.