Printing on wood and MDF

The beauty, solemnity and elegance of wood meet the technological press and the quality of a unique product of its kind: MDF and wood panels.

The printing on MDF panel and wood panels is unique: it can give incredible sensations, having a unique and sophisticated graphic rendering. MDF and wood panels are mainly used to decorate interiors, thanks to the realization of paintings, but they are also suitable for outdoor use if you want to give style and professionalism to your business in the presence of many people.

These particular rigid supports are also used for the realization of signs, plates, signs and much more.

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Thin lamellar or layered panels

MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard) means “medium density fibreboard” and is a derivative of wood, thus presenting a plant-like origin.

The assortment of MDF panels presents thin panels in different thicknesses, which can be decorated and lacquered with all the colours you want, from both opaque and glossy shades.


Small or large high-resolution art tables

Donating photos, posters or images that most favour us with a sophisticated effect, transforming them into small or large high-resolution art tables, is now possible through printing on MDF and wood.

Thanks to this technique you have the complete freedom of choice to print the image you want on an MDF panel and wood, through digital printing. Brightness and brightness of colours (also black and white) are always guaranteed; the panel is resistant to time.

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