Decorated glasses

Art Serigraphik deals with the realization of decorated glass through silk-screen printing, working on behalf of customers who rely on the long experience of the company to advertise their business. The company is responsible for supporting the brand of customers with specific projects, thanks to the creation and realization of exclusive molds. We make glasses for tables, windows, counters, for shop windows, for shower boxes, etc.

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Sites in Reggio Emilia, we operate throughout the national territory, especially in the provinces of Parma and Modena.


Creation of distinctive products that combine originality and functionality

The screen printing of the glass is performed on flat surfaces and takes place starting from the photographic reproduction. On him a silk-screen printing frame is created on glass which in fact follows the drawing to be shown on the glass plate. Come in all screen printing jobs you also need to prepare the assembly to the emulsion. Baking, finish the operation, vitrifying the enamel.

The collaboration between technical and creative departments is fundamental in the creation of distinctive products that base originality and functionality. Because a glass object, big or small, can become a high-impact communication tool, while remaining faithful to the intended use.


A satisfactory product for the customer!

The glass screen printing techniques that our staff puts into practice to decorate what is entrusted to them, enclose different procedures, so that the final product is satisfactory for the customer as well as respectful of the health of the consumer and the environment, since the glass is a recyclable material.

We use innovative glass printing techniques, endowed with high precision and productive efficiency, that allow to personalize the products with brand or fantasy decorations in many variations of position and shape.

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