Printed mirrors ideal as gift ideas

Our company deals with the production and sale of custom printed mirrors for different sectors. Our technicians are able to create screen-printed and decorated glass combining craftsmanship and innovative methods that allow you to create personalized items, but also in series without compromise with the attention to detail, creativity and creativity.

We are able to create entirely customized glass gift items and artistic paintings, designed and manufactured according to the individual needs of the client and the environment for which they are intended.

To request more information about the production of printed mirrors, prices and offers, do not hesitate to contact us. We operate in Italy and abroad.


We satisfy the most diverse and sophisticated tastes

Our company devotes a large part of its productive energy to the realization of decorated mirrors. Made by hand and made to measure using different techniques, decorated artistic mirrors, designed and on request also paintings with abstract figures, floral or geometric motifs and any other subject requested by the client, are perfect for placement in public places, as well as accommodation facilities or professional environments.


Unique furnishing objects with elegant and refined expressiveness

The realization of decorations on the surface of the mirrors allows to obtain unique furnishing objects with elegant and refined expressiveness, able to give character to otherwise anonymous objects. Art Serigraphik is able to perform artistic work of precision and great effect, effectively combining techniques of craftsmanship and technologically advanced tools that allow optimization of production lines. Contact us for more information.