Advertising totems

The advertising totems are used above all at fairs, congresses and events to attract the glances of passers-by with the aim of promoting a product or a service. But not only in fairs, the totems are found in all the places where there is the need to communicate, inform or disseminate promotional messages; in fact they are excellent for advertising anything.

Art Serigraphik deals with the production of large-format prints of totems, crowners and indoor and outdoor promotional displays. We are able to realize them in different shapes, materials and with different numbers of faces; they are entirely customizable according to customer needs. Do not you know who to turn to for advertising panels? Our company is just what you are looking for!

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Display your communication

The advertising totems made by us can be easily positioned on the ground to show off your communication in public and private offices; both for the inside and outside of companies, agencies or shopping center.

We are able to realize totems of various sizes, even mini and slim, double-sided, triple-glazed and luminous.

Thanks to the light materials with which they are made they are easily transportable both inside and outside the premises.

Practical and unobtrusive can capture the attention without invading too much communicating the right.


Wide range of products

In the wide range of products that Art Serigraphik is able to offer, the totem boasts the highest flexibility of use. It can have variable shapes and heights and its visibility is combined with the aesthetics, creating a unique and original effect. Each stage of the production process is taken care of down to the smallest detail, from the drafting of drafts to best meet every need and guarantee the highest quality, up to the realization, assembly and verification of permits.

Our offer is very wide and ranges from advertising totems to roll-ups, portable structures of great impact, up to both indoor and outdoor exhibitors.

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