Print on pvc and fabric banners

The technology of digital printing combined with human creativity is the ideal solution to inform, signal, indicate, embellish, every place, inside and outside.

Art Serigraphik takes care of this. In fact, it produces single-sided or double-sided PVC and canvas banners of any size.

Very useful on the most varied occasions, banners are an indispensable support for every advertising campaign. Made in different formats, they can also be supplied with self-supporting supports.

The banner or “banner” in PVC is one of the most used products in advertising; it has a high resistance to bad weather and a great versatility of use. They are suitable for the creation of customized sponsors, laminated posters and are used more in sports fields, scaffolding, events and shows, shopping centre and points of sale.

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Not just pvc!

PVC is the most widely used material for printing large banners, followed by Mesh Net, micro-perforated pvc and therefore permeable to the wind, a feature that makes it perfect for outdoor use.

If, on the other hand, you need a backlit banner, the backlit backlight is the most suitable. Backlighting is often used in the creation of signs or tables and light desks for exhibition stands.

Then we have the canvas: an elegant, resistant cotton cloth that is mainly suitable for indoor use. Then there is the TNT is a synthetic fibre material suitable for covering large sizes and therefore used mainly during sports events or in stadiums.


Durable, resistant and extremely bright prints

With the materials selected by Art Serigraphik it is possible to create large images with printing on advertising banners in PVC and other materials.

Our prints are durable, resistant and extremely bright colours and represent the ideal solution for all those situations where you have to cover both small and large surfaces, such as scaffolding and scaffolding.

Each print can be finished with different processes, depending on the type of application. It can be reinforced with heat-sealing along the edges, with eyelets along the perimeter, or with slots for inserting rods for support.

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