Screen printed mirrors

Our company carries out customized production of silk-screened advertising mirrors, using special molds with one or more colors, with subjects customized according to customer requirements on glass and mirrors. To do this we use manual or automated machinery.

There are many rooms that use the silk-screened mirror to customize a corner of the room or simply to decorate a wall. The pubs and restaurants prefer mirrors that recall brands of drinks served inside them, but there are also places like ice-cream parlors or pastry shops that choose to silk-screen a mirror to create a price list.

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A classic piece of furniture

It is possible to screen a mirror to advertise multiple commercial activities. Think of the salon of a hairdresser or those of a beautician and the opportunity to create a mirror that contains the store’s logo. Or a car show with the screenprint of a vintage car to recall the timeless appeal of the four wheels.

A silk-screened mirror could also be a gift idea to do on some occasions, transforming the mirror adaptable to a room in a furnishing accessory for the style of its environments.

Whatever the basic requirement, our company produces screen-printed mirrors using a technique that allows you to keep the colors unaltered over time.


Brighter environments

Design mirrors are a highly effective solution for decorating rooms and premises. At the same time, if positioned at strategic points, they are able to amplify the spaces and remedy the problems of light, making the environment brighter. Round, square, oval, with abstract shapes. From the wall, from the table, framed, full-height: over the years, the designers have measured themselves with this complement giving life to many forms and functions.

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