When you hear about an object made of PLEXIGLASS®, we refer to polymethyl methacrylate which consists of a rigid, light plastic material, of varying thickness and very transparent, almost more than glass, to the point that it is also used for the manufacture of safety and anti-accident seals, as well as objects, such as panels and furniture panels. Moreover, being moldable for heating, it can be used for the production of plates, signs and promotional displays.

Our company performs direct digital printing, with UV inks, on transparent, colored and backlit PLEXIGLASS® panels and guarantees high definition printing.

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The opaline PLEXIGLASS® is nothing but a color variant, which makes this material white / milky and permeable to light. For this reason, it is suitable for creating backlit PLEXIGLASS® panels, ideal for setting up commercial and private environments, where lighting becomes an integral part of the furniture and where the attenuation of the shadows offers elegance and refinement; or to create backgrounds in photographic studios.

The variety of thicknesses available allows you to choose the optimum degree of density to evenly spread light rays.


Maximum brightness of colours

PLEXIGLASS®, also called methacrylate, has established itself in recent years as a reference point for its flexibility and at the same time for ease of maintenance and installation. It is particularly appreciated for its lightness associated with maximum strength. This is one of the reasons why more and more pictures are printed on PLEXIGLASS®.

This type of print lends itself to both an intimate close-up and a panoramic picture: it is able to give a surprising effect of depth, ensuring maximum brightness of colours.

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