Interior mirrors

The interior mirrors realized by Art Serigraphik are conceived for every type of environment, such as accommodation facilities, companies and commercial activities of any sort. They are unique in their kind, born from a project that reinterprets precious materials through innovative craftsmanship. In our wide range of realizations, there are silk-screened mirrors with different shapes to satisfy various taste, use and space requirements.

Decorative wall, floor and wall mirrors with led lighting, shaped, modern or classic. Are you looking for screen-printed mirrors manufacturers for the furniture and design sector? Do you need particular wall mirrors?

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They combine functionality and aesthetics

The silk-screened design mirrors we made are inspired by primary forms that denote an infallible sense of good taste and measure. We are able to realize a wide range of glass and mirrors of various colours and shapes, which combine functionality and aesthetics. We also produce mirrors to complete the furnishing of commercial environments and gyms.

We produce shaped mirrors in different shapes, bevelled or polished with visible polished edges, working with precision and using innovative machinery.


A feeling of creativity and elegance

Irresistible in their magnetic charm, the mirrors are beautiful allies to give the environment an atmosphere that smells of magic, and in a space that amazes while transmitting a feeling of posed elegance, they can certainly not miss the decorative mirrors. Mirrors improve aesthetics and increase the brightness of each area. When placed in a room, they can even give the optical impression of a wider space. Depending on the type of environment and style that you want to create, there are various types of mirrors, shapes, materials and different colours.

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