Contoured in FOREX

FOREX shaped panels are the best products to promote an image on the outside wall of a shop or in indoor and outdoor events, fairs and festivals.

They are essential where the image has to be effective, clear and your messages have to last over time.

The shapes in FOREX, are used for the creation of plates, writings, signs and much more.

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Very high quality and bright colours

With the print on FOREX shapes the quality is always very high and the colours always bright. This material is ideal for outdoor use and to create magnificent paintings; It is available in various thicknesses and colours to produce counter-top displays and even large-format stands. FOREX printing can be either single-sided or double-sided and is ideal for practical, short-term and long-lasting visual communication.

The FOREX pvc panels can be squared (rectangular or square) or shaped in any shape.


Two-sided printing

The FOREX panels are ideal for a variety of processes and customizations, used for example for advertising, wall panels of small, medium and large formats for outfitting sales points, exhibition stands, photographic panels, advertising signs, plates, set-up stands or interior furnishings.

They are generally available in thicknesses: 3mm; 5mm and 10mm with possibility of printing on both sides (double-sided).

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