Print on aluminium dibond

The print on aluminium represents the maximum evolution of direct printing systems on a resistant and mouldable material. Digital printing applied to dibond, satisfies every need for visual communication

Whether it is an element of decoration and furniture, or an advertising message, it does not matter: aluminium printing combines the elegance of dibond, with the precision of direct digital printing systems, in which UV colours express sharp, high-definition images.

Art Serigraphik, located in Reggio Emilia, creates dividing panels, totems, billboards, advertising signs and much more through the dibond aluminium printing service.

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An artistic touch

Aluminium is a ductile, light and oxidation resistant material and, thanks to its characteristics, it is used in various sectors.

Because of its flexibility and plasticity, it is used as a support for printing photographs, paintings and pictures. In fact, the print on aluminium Dibond gives the images an artistic touch, a clear shine, the colours are intense and deep.

The aluminium panels used to print photos, paintings or advertising panels, are composed of a combination of high quality materials, two thin layers of aluminium held together by rigid black polyethylene available in different variants.


Elegance and resistance over time

The print on dibond, is a direct print on an aluminium foil, which inside is made of a synthetic material, covered by the two plates.

The colours of the photos printed on this material are resistant to UV rays, so they do not change color when exposed to sunlight; for this reason they can be exhibited, both inside the house and outside.

It is possible to print in different sizes, but the result will always be the same: elegance and durability over time.

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