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Leader in the production of screen printed mirrors

Art Serigraphik has for many years been a European leader in the production of screen printed mirrors and is able to satisfy all printing needs even on other media.

Thanks to our long experience in the graphic sector we have been able to reach high quality standards. Today our products are distributed throughout Europe and North America, consolidating their presence in these markets, thanks also to the participation in international trade fairs.

Many are our services: from the production of advertising displays to promotional gadgets, from pop up tickets to window stickers, from graphic design to direct UV printing on different materials such as PLEXIGLASS®, polyvalent, MDF, FOREX, aluminum / dibond, pvc banner and fabric , adhesive vinyl, glass and paper.

Thanks to our experience we are able to face all the different needs related to printing, especially for advertising printing, always recommending the best solutions to the type of product that you intend to make.

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Products and services for commercial and industrial activities


Silk-screened mirrors

We carry out customized production of screen printed mirrors for different sectors: promotional / advertising, gift items or furniture. These products are very suitable to customize a room or simply to decorate a wall. We produce silk-screened and decorated mirrors, combining artisan know-how and innovative methods that allow you to create personalized items, but also in series without compromising with the attention to detail.



Decoation on glass

We carry out the realization of decorated glass through the screen and digital printing, working on behalf of clients who rely on the long experience of the company to advertise their business. We support customers’ brands with specific projects, thanks to the creation and realization of exclusive molds. We use innovative high definition glass printing techniques, with high precision and production efficiency.


Direct UV printing in four colors + white

Our digital printing service includes direct printing on rigid materials, ideal for the promotion of a product or service, or for the preparation of a sales point or exhibition stand. It is possible to print on: polionda, MDF and wood, pvc banner and fabric, PLEXIGLASS®, FOREX®, dibond aluminum, sandwich panels, canvas, adhesive vinyl and many more.


Shaping, carving and finishing

Thanks to our technologies we are able to realize particular shapes with various materials. We carry out finishing operations, carvings, for the completion of shaped prints. We create signs, lettering, life-size templates, cardboard, on MDF, PLEXIGLASS® etc. even in small series with perfect quality and in short times. The shapes we create are an excellent promotional tool.



Exhibitors and roll up represent a fundamental element in marketing.  We perform the design and construction of exhibitors and roll up from the ground and counter, for shops, shop windows, commercial activities, in PLEXIGLASS®, in FOREX, in polyval, in MDF, with sandwich panels and in cardboard.


Advertising totems

Advertising totems are used above all at fairs, congresses and events with the aim of promoting a product or service. They are in great demand in all the places where there is the need to communicate, inform or disseminate promotional messages. Our company is able to realize them in different shapes, materials.



Art Serigraphik is a benchmark for customized backlit panel printing. It is an impactful, easy-to-maintain and versatile solution, that can bring much attention to your brand or the products you wish to promote. PVC or plexiglass: the choice up to you. Propose your idea to us and we will certainly help you realize it.


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